No Greater Love

A life of struggle, a slave of sin

Mind filled with doubts, fears and questions

So many chains, bondages and struggles

When will these end?


But a verse came to mind

“For God so loved the world,” it rewinds

And a flicker of hope lit up

A small still voice followed, “I’ll help you stand up.”


For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son..


He loved that’s why He gave

He is the only way I can be saved

He is the cure to my pain

He broke my every chain


With every battles that makes me want to run

He calms me and says, “It is done.”

When He wants to make me walk on water and fear creeps in

He assures me and says, “Come.”


He was the love that was given

Crucified for my sake

But He is alive

And He has risen


And to Him I will always put my trust

To Him I will go when everything turns to dust

The free gift He has given me, no one could rob

For apart from Him, there is no greater love


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