Of Your Identity in Christ

With some people, it’s so easy to make judgements. Mostly people who doesn’t know you does that. But surprisingly, those who knows you – the people that are close to you – has also the capability to do that.


It would surprise you at first, yes. How can someone who’s with you say such judgements? Everything has been said and done. Normally, the initial reaction would be to be angry and to fire shots back at them.


But then, in the end you realized, “Does it matter?”

It doesn’t.


Know who you are in Christ. If you know who you are in Christ, it won’t matter so much to you what other people think or say. So they say, you are ugly, but  hey God says you are honored and precious in his sight. They say you are unloved, but God says He loves you with an everlasting love. They say you are forever alone but God says, He will always be with you until the very end of the age. They say you are stupid and dumb, but child of God, get up! Yes, you are the child of  God. Your Father is wisdom in itself and you share His DNA so you are not dumb.


You are beautiful. You are precious. You are honored. You are smart. You are loved beyond measure. What they say about you doesn’t matter. Only what God thinks of you is what matters.


Being told of being a coward hurts. The initial reaction is to insult the person back. But then, in the end you realize, it doesn’t matter. Because in your devotional, God said you are His warrior. You are His conqueror. You will bring fire to His revolution. He said, He has anointed you to be the best warrior in His battle.


Filter the things that you hear. Shut out the people who says negative things about you. Most importantly, remember what God said. What He says are the things that matter.


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