The Lord’s Battle

In all of my readings in the books on the Bible, God always assures me that there is no need to be afraid because He is with me in every battle. In Exodus, He told me that He will fight for me and I just have to be still. It’s the same in 2 Chronicles when He told me that the battle is His and again, I just have to be still and take my position.


But here comes a certain verse in Numbers that has a different message than the ones I mentioned above. It was my devotional on Tuesday, the 24th of May 2016. It’s on Numbers 31:3 and it says: “Choose some men, and arm them to fight the Lord’s war of revenge against Midian.”


Fight the Lord’s war of revenge against Midian.

Fight the Lord’s war of revenge.

Fight the Lord’s war.


When I read this, I asked the Lord: “What war do you mean, Lord? You want me to fight your battles? Is this something like you fight my battles and I fight for yours?” I actually had funny thoughts. Thoughts like how could I possibly fight the Lord’s battles? How can I fight for his war? Mine is already so intense. How much more His, when He is God. I thought of the Lord’s possible battles: Does He feel empty too? Does He feel drained? Does He feel pain, or exhaustion? Is He being persecuted? Is He having a hard time balancing life and ministry?


You see, the things that I mentioned are the personal battles of a typical Christian. But what are the Lord’s personal battles that I have to fight for?


That question keeps on boggling me but it was never answered. However, it brought me to a more important realization. The Lord’s battles are never personal. He’s not concerned of being persecuted by His family. He does not experience being pressured by worldly friends nor does He care about lacking provision. No, He does not feel empty nor does He feel drained. His battles are never personal. His battles are always for you and for me. He carries all of them: our struggles, our pain, our problems and many other excruciating things.


But the battle that He’s talking about in Numbers, the one battle that He wants us to fight for, is the war of love against His enemy enslaving His children. The battle that He is talking about is in 2 Corinthians 5: the battle to persuade others to come back to Him (2 Cor 5:11) and the battle of reconciling people to him (2 Cor 5:18). He wants us to engage in a battle of bringing His children back to Him. To win them back and bring them to His kingdom. In a battle, that through us He can be able to mend what was broken. The battle to let His children know Jesus and have a relationship with Him. The battle to go and make disciples! The battle to win people and share to them the most important message: the message of the Cross. That through this battle, His people will not just think that the Lord is good but to taste and see that He is good! This is the war that He is talking about and this war is our fearful responsibility to Him (2 Cor 5:11).


This is the kind of war of our God. Not something personal, but a battle for His unfailing love to His people. And we are that people He has chosen in Numbers 31:3 – the ones that He has chosen to fight His war. The war that He wants us to fight for is the war for the lost and to bring everyone we can find on the street to His great banquet. Warriors of God, our war is to bring Him glory. It is for our benefit and His love controls us (2 Cor 5:13-14).


Our Christianity is not always about what God can do for us. It’s also about what we can do for God. While it is true that our battle is the Lord’s, it is also true that His battle is ours.


Warriors of the Lord, let the joy of the Lord be your strength.




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