Of Claiming My Inheritance

Passion, purpose and love – these are the 3 things that I have for you.

You are my desire, my dream. You hold a special and a very significant place in my heart, because you are the dream that I share with my God. I know what His heart’s desire is for you. Every heartbeat of His for you, I share it with Him. I know of His love for you, and of every person inside your territory. I may not share the same love, but even before I meet all of you, one by one, I already love you and feel compassion for you.

You are intelligent. Very intelligent. You have a strong conviction. You have a heart that knows how to give a good fight. You get tired, yes, but you are bright minds that are not to be wasted. Never.

You are like a kingdom that’s untouched. An uncharted territory. But I’m going to take hold of you. When I received that command to go and make disciples, I thought of you. And I will go to you. I am joyful that the Lord has planted you in my soul. I stare at you from the outside and claim you as “the Lord’s”. I walk your hallways, your colleges, your classrooms and every step, every direction I step on to, I declare that you are the Lord’s.

One day, I know one day, that at the name of Jesus every knee in your territory, should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. One day, the spark will become a burning fire. One day, the Lord’s territory will reach from end to end. You will start a “holy revolution” in which you know what you are fighting and who you are fighting for — and that’s Jesus.

I’m not letting you go.
I’m going to fight for you.
The work that He started in you, He will put it into completion.




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